Are they really that Eco Friendly?

OK we all need to be more environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint.

We may think we are doing our bit for the environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning materials. But I have been thinking even more since moving down to the coast and seeing the amount of plastic and rubbish that is washed up on the beach, Check out this site it makes some interesting reading,

Method states that their products are non toxic, Paraben free, Biodegradable and anti animal cruelty. However their standard bottles are PET graded which is the same as a water bottle. How many water bottles do not get recycled?

Here is an interesting fact: Did you know that American consumers do not recycle their plastic! Method market this product in the US and surprise surprise a 3rd of methods carbon foot print is the plastic bottle that the product is in.

As a cleaning contractor that uses a lot of cleaning products. I want to make sure that what we use is Eco-friendly and reusable. I think that method has failed on the recyclable issue. Yes they sell their chemicals in pouch form. But by experience their plastic bottles are not robust enough to use again and again! Ecover does not score that highly either, I have been looking at their refillable packing yes the do refillable pouches for some of their products, but I was surprised that their hand soap refill is actually another large plastic bottle.

As a contract cleaner we have found a solution for cutting down our use of plastic. Jangro have an enviro range which now comes in pouches. They used to used multi dose bottles which measured the dose of cleaning concentrate which is then diluted down with water. not only is it environmentally friendly it is also very economical and a lot cheaper than the leading brands. The bottles are an initial expense but with over 3 years of use they are still going strong. Hotels and other organisations use dosage systems that are similar to this cutting down their plastic waste which then gets me asking, Why isnt this sort of product available to the general public? Answer: Can you honestly see big chemical companies making concentrated cleaning chemicals which would affect their long term profits? Seeing that a bottle of Jangto cleaning solution would cost you 14p rather than the £1.20 or more you purchase in the supermarket? I serious believe that profit comes before the environment.

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